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Ye Olde Trolles

Anonymous letter to the gentlemen of Newgate, 1772: “Dont make a god of your mony but think of the por you great men do you think of gohing to heaven or hell. think of the Sarmon wich preach on 15 of March for dam we if we dont make you do you think to starve the pore quite you dam sons of wors”

Anonymous letter to a Middlesex Justice of the Peace, 1796: “We no you are an enemy to Farmers, Millers, Mealmen and Bakers and our Trade if it had not bene for me and another you you son of a bitch you wold have bene murdurd long ago by offering your blasted rewards and persecuting Our Trade God dam you and blast you you shall never live to see another harvest”

Stay classy, eighteenth century.


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